1. Classified by functions

1.1 infrared hair straightener

  You may be curious about how infrared hair straightener works.

  Due to the high radiation frequency and strong permeability of the infrared light emitted by the infrared lamp, the wavelength of the infrared light can just penetrate the human dermis to promote blood circulation and improve skin tissue. 

  If you have questions about “can straightening hair cause hair loss” or “what straightener is better” , you should choose infrared hair straightener, cause it can help you reduce hair loss and damage, and promote hair growth. This straightener is best for thin hair.

  Here are some infrared hair straighteners introduced to you. Any interest, just click the picture to view more info.

Flat iron private label ultrasonic infrared flat iron Hair Care Iron MD-V80 4menarda 2022 Private Label Wholesale MCH Ceramic Coating Plate Negative Ion Infrared Hair Straightener MD-85 (1) Professional Keratin Ionic Infrared Hair Straightener Salon Flat Iron MD-82 2 c

1.2 steam flat iron

  Steam flat iron, also means straightener with steam pod, has a humidifying function and can prevent hair from perming. People can add water or argan oil into the steam pod. When they use the straightener, it will infuses moisture or argan oil back into hair strand, leaving your hair softer, silkier, healthier and full of luster .

  Bellow is a steam hair straightener introduced to you. Any interest, click to view more info.

Hair Straightener MD-S088 1

1.3 professional steam & infrared styler

  Someone may want infrared and steam function at the one iron, well , here you are

MD-S088 plus

1.4 bio ionic flat iron hair straightener

  Bio ionic hair straightener contains tourmaline, which can generate negative ions and neutralize the positive charge in the hair, so as to make the hair smooth, make it fit and smooth, and also eliminate static electricity, make the hair smoother and easier to comb and style. The effect is more ideal.


1.5 vibrating hair straightener

  The vibrating hair straightener allows hair of different thicknesses to be quickly and evenly distributed, contacting the heating plate of the hair straightener, so that the heating is more uniform, straightening hair faster, and effectively preventing local hair from being overheated and scalded.

Private Label MCH heater 470F flat iron titanium hair straightener with LCD display portable flat iron MD-Z01 5


2. Clissified by Sizes

  Size refers to the length and width of the straightener. Because different widths of hair straighteners are suitable for different hair lengths and the gender of the user, we use the width of the straighteners to distinguish them here.

  Any sizes you want, we can custom for you.

2.1 width smaller than 1 inch

  Flat iron with width smaller than 1 inch, like 0.3 inch, 0.4 inch, 0.5 inch, 0.6 inch, 0.75 inch and so on, usually used to straighten men‘s or women’s short thin hair or beard hair for men.

Ceramic Flat Iron Custom 450F Degree MCH 3 Sizes Ceramic Coating MD-V99 (2)

2.2 flat iron 1 inch

  1 inch hair straightener flat iron, not only just a straightener, but also could be as a hair curler.

  If you see someone curl hair with straightener, don’t make a fuss. It is one of the functions of a 1 inch (or smaller width) hair straightener . Because of its small width, you can rotate it when you clamp the hair.

Iron Hair Straightener with Crystal Diamond Bling MD-166B 2  Iron Hair Straightener with Crystal Diamond Bling MD-166B 5 Iron Hair Straightener with Crystal Diamond Bling MD-166B 3Iron Hair Straightener with Crystal Diamond Bling MD-166B 4Iron Hair Straightener with Crystal Diamond Bling MD-166B 5

2.3 hair straightener 2 inch

  2 inch hair straightener  for thick curly hair or natural hair. Because it’s wide enough to hold more hair.

titanium bling hair straightener flat iron MD-167B


3. Classified by convenience

  We divide hair straighteners according to whether there is a cord. Hair straighteners with cords are more suitable for household, hotel and professional hair salons. While cordless hair straighteners  are easy to carry and can be used for travel.

  The length of the cord of the hair straightener can be customized according to customer needs. There are so many hair straighteners with cord in the market, so I  think no need to introduce them to you here.

  What I want to talk is cordless hair straightener flat iron.

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